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SHINLIART   |   Shin Danbi Li Seok Art

“I want to record every moment of our love.” – Danbi Shin


SHINLIART started from a question on how to record every moment of their love.

They are lovers sharing their everyday lives and art, and a collaborative artist couple.   


Both are from Seoul, Korea, and they named themselves by bringing together their last names- Shin and Li.


Shin has a passion for crafts while Li loves computers, and as a couple, they create art under a theme of ‘love.’

Their works are not limited in a specific genre. Instead, they combine various mediums- photograph, sculpture, film and etc.


 SHINLIART aimed to discover love in everyday life, and succeeded in sublimating their efforts into art.

They also say that they wish to bring the ideals into life. Their idealistic thoughts are reborn as artworks that can communicate with various people by embracing love and emotions.


‘What is the strongest among all basic emotions of people?’

The energy created by the couple chemistry is quite strong. It is another form of ‘love.’

They seek to deliver the energy to the audience in a dramatic way.

SHINLIART look at the popular emotion- ‘love’ – very seriously.

They visualize all forms of love in the world, define them variously and leave a space for romance.   









Instagram @SHINLIART


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