Halfnhalf Project

#01 Meet 

(SHINLIART, 2015 / Print on Canvas / 455 X 651 mm / Blooklyn Bridge, NY & Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, Seoul )


#01 만남 

(신단비이석, 2015 / Print on Canvas / 455 X 651 mm / 브룩클린브릿지, 뉴욕 & 덕수궁 돌담길, 서울 )





길을 걷다가 그대를 마주합니다.


우리는 같은 시간 다른 공간에서 같은 마음으로 서로를 바라봅니다.


그대가 보고싶고 그대를 만났습니다.


(SHINLIART, 2015 / Print on Canvas / 455 X 651 mm / Time Square, NY & Seogang Bridge, Seoul )


#01 만짐 

(신단비이석, 2015 / Print on Canvas / 455 X 651 mm / 타임스퀘어, 뉴욕 & 서울, 서강대교 )





맞잡은 손의 감촉이 그리워집니다.


손을 뻗어 빛을 만져봅니다.


내가 느끼는 것을 그대도 느낄까요?

#03 PASS

(SHINLIART, 2015 / Print on Canvas / 455 X 651 mm / Triumphal Arch, Washington square Park NY & Independence Gate, Seoul )


#03 지나감

(신단비이석, 2015 / Print on Canvas / 455 X 651 mm / 워싱턴 스퀘어 개선문, 뉴욕 & 서울 서대문구 독립문 )





우리의 시간이 지나가면 우리의 이야기도 지나갑니다.


우리의 지난 시간을 기억하고자합니다.


그대의 어젯밤이 지나면 내가 그 밤을 오늘과 함께 받겠습니다. 


SHINLIART 'Half n half ' Final Project 'HANA'   |  신단비이석예술 Half n Half 의 마지막 작품 'HANA'

Art Film / 1920px x 1080px / 23.976 fps / SONY A7S, SONY16-35mm,  DJI OSMO, DJI RONIN

Location - New York, NY X Seoul, Korea


©️ 2016 SHINlIART

SHINLIART 'Half n half ' X DOVE  |  신단비이석예술 Half n Half X 도브초콜릿

Location - New York, NY X Seoul, Korea


©️ 2016 SHINlIART

Artwork note

In September 2015, Li was left in Seoul alone. Shin was headed to New York.


SHINLIART started a long-distance relationship expecting for a more mature relationship in the future. Thus, the two are faced with their everyday lives in different places and times from the opposite sides of the world.   


After six months, they came up with a med-to-long-term series, ‘Half n Half,’ which is a pop art piece consists of 12 photographs and a video.    


They believe that longing is a part of love. The time they spent apart from each other worked like an opportunity to refresh themselves in the essence of love. They observed their inner sides through objective eyes that had lost the unconditionalness, and revealed the emotions of a new perspective.  


And, they expressed the parallel relationship and the delicate boundary between the two emotions- longing and love.


In order to create the most dramatic scenes of love, the artists worked on 'Half n Half ' simultaneously, and the two kept the balance by maintaining their perspectives and eye levels on the same ground while depending only on each other’s voices over the phone. ‘Meet,’ in particular, was completed after taking more than 4,000 pictures. Li presented a powerful performance for the series.  


"I come face to face with you while walking on the street. We look each other at the same time in different spaces feeling the same emotions. I wanted to see you, and I have met you."- from Meet


They worked on the series spontaneously whenever they thought of each other while walking on a street, or whenever they discovered something nice during a day. They attempted to go beyond the feeling of longing and transcend the time and space. As they spent more days for the project, they were able to quench their emotional thirst. 


"I miss the touch of your hand.

I reach out to touch the light. Are you feeling the same thing that I feel?” – from Touch


They tried to see each other even in a simple breeze of wind. They decided to fell each other’s touch by stroking the air. The temperature of the air and the wind that goes through the fingers are contained in their artwork.

At least during those moments, they did not think that they were apart. They recorded that those are the moments they transcended the time and space.   


"When your night passes, I will receive the night together with the day.” – from Pass


With the miles between the two, it was always the night for one when the other is living in a daylight.

The providence of the gap was a comfort and a consolation of emotions. Day after day, the two exchanged the night. 


What is interesting about this project is the fact that the message inside the works becomes stronger as it is reproduced by the audiences.

It becomes a good opportunity to amplify the message. In fact, some of the relatively simpler works were realized without much hassling thanks to the audience.

Such action is emerged as a positive campaign. They have sophisticated artistic ideas that reflect the flow of our time.