SHINLIART 'WHITE SPACE' / Media Art, Installation Art  |  신단비이석예술 '하얀 우주' / 미디어아트, 가변설치


©️ 2015 SHINlIART

Artwork Note

"You are like white space.” – Li Seok


Space is marvelous and infinite. She was white and brilliant.


SHINLIART attempted to organize the gazes and memories between the two in order to clarify the records of themselves. They arranged objects that remind them of each other with a heart of the creator drawing the universe on a white canvas. ‘White Space’ is an installation work that consists of 29 objects, eight illuminants, one video art and a performance by Shin.   


SHINLIART collected objects that are meaningful to them for six months through ‘White Space.’

The images and sounds of the old TV reflect their vague memories.

The skull is broken, and the pieces are arranged separately to show the realistic will of those in love to fight against the unavoidable fate of death. The three kinds of ice cream under the skull symbolize sweet life and the truth of love. However, they cannot escape the shadow of the skull. Such contrasting arrangement contain an important message of the artwork.    



“We apply a religious perspective on ‘love.’ It is sacred, and at times, unconditional.

However, we do not agree with the notion of afterlife, which exists in almost all religions. Time is limited, and so is love.

The ‘love’ we are talking about is based on the concept of time in actuality. However, most lovers become insensible to each other as time passes. They talk less, look into each other’s eyes less, and of course, they touch each other less. 


Love becomes stronger and bring more unknowable emotions as we express and record more.

We all lose the meaning of our presence when we cannot love, or be loved. We all exist to love.

Express and record every moment of your love towards all- families, dreams, pets, religion, and lovers.   


We cannot stay in love forever, but we can love each other till the end.” - SHINLIART



The pouring out ‘pandas’ symbolize the energy and ideas created after the couple met.

The energy penetrates all objects through the yellow electrical cord from the globe.

Colorful fluorescent lightings are placed in all sections the cord goes through, and those are the only lighting in the artwork.


The music the artists played on the background while they were working on the artwork is played on a computer, and the music is mixed with the noises from the old TV to express the past and present.


All these are combined to express a hint of ‘sacredness.’ In the process, which resembles a ritual, they have a religious interpretation in the basis. All objects are looking up to the memories inside the TV that is lifted up in the shape of a pyramid. 


A sacred ritual is finally completed with a performance by Shin, and the memories are expanded into reality.


SHINLIART say that we shall love the past of each other.

That is the first thing to remember in order to strengthen love, and here comes their second message.

Like the present is a gathering of the old memories, the indeterminate historical backgrounds of the universe and the meanings, traces and fragments of memories are brought together in the artwork.   


“The reason why I can love her till the end is because I can inexorably swallow all small, rough and sweet memories of her.” – Li Seok